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In-depth cyber security thoughts, news and views from the experts

A new weapon for businesses seeking to combat cyber crime

Armed with intelligence on how they might be attacked, businesses can take steps to mitigate risks, safeguard reputations and minimise financial losses.

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What the government must do to tackle cyber crime

Technology will be vital. As will collaboration between the public and private sectors. But to truly beat cyber crime, we’re going to need to check every single box…

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Optimism bias: The helpful human trait that can trigger cyber attacks

Almost half of all UK businesses suffered some form of cyber security breach in the past 12 months. Whether we believe it or not, the dangers exist.

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GDPR, €20m fines and the dangers of false-confidence

GDPR isn’t a money making tool. The new fines should not be a business’s primary concern. What businesses should be focusing on is increasing resilience to minimise breaches.

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WannaCry won’t be the last high-profile cyber attack we suffer

Given human psychology, and given WannaCry won’t be the last cyber attack ever launched, is there anything companies can do to safeguard themselves against the cyber attacks of the future?

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How cyber criminals can take down even the largest of companies

Because we rarely anticipate becoming victims of crime – it hands cyber-criminals yet another advantage. Whether you’re able to admit it or not, your business is a target. If it’s about time to react, here’s what you can do…

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Your people are your organisation’s biggest vulnerability

For the most part, cyber criminals penetrate security systems through company employees. As long as your business involves people, you’re going to be at risk. Unless, of course, you’re able to change how people behave…

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Are we making things too easy for today’s cyber criminals?

In the physical world, we take steps to protect ourselves from becoming the victims of crime. But it seems that in the digital world, even the most basic of precautions seems to fly out the window.

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